Thursday, 31 October 2013

Crochet magazines!

When I was at the show a few weeks ago, there was a stand which was offering subscriptions to various craft magazines - three months for £1!  My plan had been to get a subscription for Christmas, but I swiftly abandoned that (£1 isn't really enough for my hubby to spend on my Christmas present!), and signed up for Simply Crochet.  I had already got issue ten, so I'm looking forward to having lots of crochet patterns and the guidance in the magazine to give them a go.

There are 33 patterns in this issue, lots of which I really fancy having a go at.  There's even some crochet jewellery, which looks brilliant!

My first project has been a slouchy beret - as if I haven't already got enough berets!  This one involved more new stitches (and also learning the UK stitches, after initially realising I was learning the US stitches).  My latest new stitch is the front-post double crochet.  It makes a beautiful raised pattern on the surface of the beret, and adds a little bit of interest to it.  I used some gorgeous green double knitting Woodlander wool that I got at the show too.

I'm almost there, but here's a quick preview in the meantime...

Front-post double crochet stitches

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