Friday, 6 March 2015

Review: The Great British Sewing Bee

Like almost all you British sewists out there, I've been absolutely loving the latest series of The Great British Sewing Bee!  Now in it's third season, this show has become such a staple in my life!

Spoiler alert for anyone who didn't see last nights episode - I was so gutted that Deborah went. Along with Neil, she was my favourite, and she just had such a bad day. That was a bit tragic, but she took it really well - despite her good alteration, I think she knew it was coming after the difficulty with the jacket. At this stage in the competition, even the ones who leave have still done a fantastic job, and I think her and Paul had both done brilliant jackets, but they just weren't quite up to the standard of the others.

Some of my highlights in this series so far...

  • The kilts.  Oh my goodness - were they not completely fantastic?!  Watching how quickly they turned them around was just amazing - I was completely in awe.
  • The corsets.  Same as the kilts - fantastic!  Let's be honest, I'll never be wearing one of these, but they looked so amazing.

  • The denim shirt alterations in episode 1. The alteration challenge is a fantastic opportunity to see creativity in action - something which I know would definitely be a massive fail for me if I ever went on the Bee, because I just can't think on my feet with the alterations the way some of the contestants can.  However, I did absolutely love a number of the denim skirts which were made!  They had some brilliant ideas.  I know Neil's was criticized because it wasn't symmetrical, but it was a really lovely skirt, and I quite fancy having a go at one myself.  I'm wondering if old pairs of jeans could be used - I don't have any denim shirts but I've got loads of old jeans that don't fit any more!  Again, my sizing might be a *bit* tricky right now, but there's always elasticated maternity waistbands...
  • The all in one dress from '50s week - this was brilliant, and they turned out so cute!  Again, this is something I really fancied having a go at myself, and I've seen loads of people making them on Facebook.  I definitely would prefer not to make it on a '50s Singer, though...!

The Bee is such a brilliant way of showing people that sewing is actually so easy to do - so many of these sewists have never done a lot of the things on the show, and yet they are able to make the most fantastic outfits.  And even when things aren't 'perfect' for May and Patrick, they are completely wearable and still brilliant!

The pressure of the timing, as well as the TV cameras about, must be so difficult.  I always feel so bad for all those people who sewed things together the wrong way round / inside out etc. I have done that so many times myself - of course, it doesn't matter in the privacy of your own home, where only your husband can hear you ranting - but on national TV, with a tight deadline - so frustrating!!!

Can't wait for the final next week...!

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