Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sewing to do list: Autumn 2013

I thought it might be a good idea to put together a bit of a plan for my autumn sewing / crocheting - as this is my first year of crafting coming to a close, it would be good to see the things I want to achieve in these last few months and how achievable they actually are!

1. Roman blinds

We completely gutted our bathroom and put a new suite in, and we've also stripped the wallpaper and had our ceilings replastered in our hall, stairs and landing.  Basically, a fully redecoration, so my grand plan is that I'll make roman blinds for the landing and the bathroom windows.  They're quite little windows, so my hope is that it won't be too difficult a job - or at least won't be too expensive a mistake if something goes wrong!

I've found a tutorial on Pinterest, so once I finally finish painting, it'll be time for some sewing!

2. Maxi skirt

I'm going to make another maxi skirt - I really liked the summery yellow one I made a few months ago, so I thought a red one might be nice for autumn.  I picked some fabric up last week at Fabricland, and it's good to go when I get a free evening or afternoon.

3. Cord skirt

The fab striped cord that I bought out in Orlando is just begging to be used for a nice winter skirt - just to brighten up the dark days!  I'm planning to have a go at Simplicity pattern 2451 - pattern D is a short, cute pencil skirt that I'm thinking might look nice - all thoughts appreciated though!!

4. Top with sleeves

So far, as you'll have seen, I've made skirts, and a sleeveless top, but I haven't yet braved the making of anything with sleeves.  I've been eyeing the Renfrew top Sewaholic pattern for a while.  It is an intermediate pattern, so I might need to have a go at another pattern with sleeves first, but we'll see what happens.

5. Pyjamas

As the nights are getting cooler, I'm hoping to get pyjama bottoms made for Pete and me using the flannel fabrics I bought in America.  I absolutely love the last pair I made, so I'm looking forward to another pair.  This will also be my first go at making clothes for someone else - an interesting challenge, but I'm hoping the hubby won't be too judgemental.

6. Christmas presents!

This year I'm hoping to have a handmade Christmas and give lots of handmade gifts.  I've already started on some Christmas crocheting, and I'm hoping to do some sewing as well.  I'm hoping they'll turn out nicely and it won't just be the thought that counts!

And as I've not actually made anything yet, here's a nice early Autumn picture to distract you...!

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