Sunday, 1 September 2013

Multicoloured mug cosy

I do like a little project for a quiet night in - so on Friday night I found this gorgeous pattern for mug cosies.  It's ideal for me, because I'm always making cups of tea and leaving them sitting around for ages before I drink them!

I learnt a new stitch - a half double crochet, and the pattern is easy to follow and adapt for different sizes of mugs and types of wool.  I've got so much wool left that I could probably do an entire matching set!!  A lovely little project for an evening.

Now to keep my cuppas cosy...!


  1. Ooo I've just made one and I didn't like my pattern! Doyou think I could pinch yours to try please!? It looks cute cute cute xx boo

  2. Of course, go ahead! Just follow the link above - you'll see it if you roll your mouse over the words 'pattern for mug cosies'! rx