Friday, 15 November 2013

Work in progress: New Look 6030

I realise that I'm putting up a lot of 'work in progress' posts and it looks like I'm not quite getting to the finished product - the good news is that the blind is up, but I need to do a little bit of final tweaking before we get the official post, and the pretty pictures :).  In the meantime, I've been sewing another skirt - as if I haven't made enough of those!

This one was on my to-do list though.  I've promised my sisters I'll make them skirts, and Esther found this pattern, the New Look 6030, that she really liked.  It took ages for her to find, as it's out of print - but it made it to me in Bristol eventually.  I wanted to make a little skirt with the striped cord I got in America, and considering I haven't made too many items from a pattern I thought I'd have a go at my version first - then I would have a bit more confidence when trying to sew it for someone else.  The other issue is that Esther won't be over until the end of the month so my plan is to measure her up when she's over and then make sure I'm making the skirt the right size!
Anyway, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!

To be honest, I'm glad I tried my one first - and not just because I like sewing for myself.  As usual, measuring myself led me to pick a size that was...generous!  As a result, I put in very broad side seams and trimmed them down to size, to get the skirt to a more reasonable fit.  I also put an extra inch and a half or so on the bottom of the pattern.  I definitely don't have the legs of the model - neither in length or in width, unfortunately - but the pattern pieces leave you with quite a short skirt, so that extra inch or so is very welcome.

Broad side seams
I've tended to be a bit lazy with my seams - basically, because you can't see them I'm inclined to just cut and leave them, but that does mean that when you wash handmade clothes you can end up with quite a few threads hanging off.  As I don't have an overlocker, I just used the zig-zag stitch on my machine, and it finished off my seams really nicely.  It's worth taking that extra few minutes just to get a good finish on the garment.

The pattern for the skirt has pockets, but because of my (garish) fabric, and the stripes, I decided just to forget about them.  I'll be adding pockets for Esther's version.  The stripe has been a bit problematic when preparing the yoke and belt loops though.  As you can see, the pattern pieces for the yoke are curved.  This has meant that the stripe gradually moves from vertical to diagonal as you go round the waist. It also meant that my belt loops are a bit 'off' looking, which is annoying.  A lesson regarding the choice of fabric, I think!

I have hemmed the skirt, and put in the darts in the back piece, so the only bit left to finish is the inside of the yoke and, of course, the zip.  I can't wait to finish it - I think it will definitely brighten up my winter wardrobe!

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