Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas crafts

We had a quiet night in on Saturday night, after a busy weekend visiting two Christmas markets (Cheddar and Bristol) and having Pete's brother, sister-in-law and lovely niece staying with us.  As well as watching Christmas music and generally feeling festive, I decided to do a few little Christmas crafts.  Here's all my goodies laid out on the kitchen table...

After the Christmas craft night, my latest purchase has been a glue gun.  A major time saver for things like brooches, I really think it's been such a worthwhile investment!

I now have a little gang of snowmen - using the cheapest rice in ASDA (40p a bag), some cheap sports socks, and my hand new glue gun, I created these little bods...


Somehow this rather exciting snow effect got added to this picture, so here's a very authentic looking snowman in the snow!

I also recently learnt how to make little roses out of felt, and this was such a simple little brooch to make. Two pieces of felt, a length of thread, a glue gun and a brooch back, and here we are with a cute little rosebud brooch. I think this will be a lovely little stocking filler Christmas present.

I'll post a little tutorial on how to make these brooches soon - they're so simple and effective.  Watch this space...!

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