Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas wishes

Merry Christmas!

I just thought I'd check in with a few festive 'selfies' - nothing like a Christmas jumper to get you in the festive spirit.  I've had a few ideas for handmade Christmas jumpers, but just didn't have time this year - maybe next year I'll be a bit more organised!  In the meantime, this one has received lots of compliments.

And here we are looking a little bit more tidy - all dressed up for my work Christmas do!

Lest you think I've abandoned crafting for the moment, I can assure you that's not the case - my recent crafting has been for Christmas presents though, which has meant that I've not been able to put much detail up here.  Hopefully after Christmas I'll get some pictures of handmade Christmas presents on here.

However, I did make this little hat the other weekend - it was actually intended to be a beanie for a Christmas present, but it was chunky wool and I used the wrong size of crochet hook.  It made up quite quickly, but instead of being soft, it actually was quite firm!  I popped it in my head, footered about with the brim, and suddenly realised I had created a cute little hat!

The photos are quite deceptive - it's actually brown, but it's quite an endearing little hat, and really cosy.  If only all crafting disasters turned out so well...!

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