Monday, 3 February 2014

Special delivery!

Hmmm....what could be in this rather massive box...

Hurray!!!  My new dress form has arrived!

I've been thinking for a while about getting a mannequin for making my clothes, but hadn't really investigated it in too much detail.  I'm not exactly average size - short, and not exactly as skinny as I used to be either, so an adjustable dress form was the way to go, rather than a fixed size mannequin, but they don't come cheap, so I'd really just decided it wasn't likely to be for me.  However, last week I got some Amazon vouchers from work, and I had some birthday money, and it seemed to just all come together, so I could buy this lovely present for myself!

I got this 8 part adjustable dress form - it allows you to change bust, waist and hip size, and even make her shorter / taller and lengthen the waist if required!

As well as that, she's also made from rather adorable floral fabric - so she'll be perfect in my new sewing room which is gradually coming together!

As well as generally having another body to put my clothes on, rather than attempting to scramble in and out of my own in an undignified manner, what seemed great about having a dress form is the hemming.  I've struggled trying to get my hemlines straight when I make skirts myself - it's really hard to tell in the mirror if it's straight, whereas now I'll be able to tell much more easily!

I can't wait to get her into position (rather than standing rather awkwardly here beside our piano) and get her to work!  Any ideas for a name...?

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