Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Work in progress: New Look 6184 (2)

The latest on my dress...

Once I'd sewn the darts at the back of the bodice pieces, the next stage was to actually sew front and back together. Although I know I should make a muslin...let's be honest, I just cut the pieces out and hoped for the best! When I did my initial measuring, the pattern implied that I should be one size, when I looked at the pattern pieces themselves, the amount of easing they allow for is very generous - it was going to give me a full 3 and a half inches of easing, which to be honest, isn't the look I go for on a dress like this! So I cut the smaller size, which would still leave me with about an inch, and hoped that I was doing the right thing.

Once I got the bodice front and back pieces sewn together, I did a first 'try-on' (with my hubby holding the back closed - always a good look!), and it actually fitted perfectly. The whole concept of having the 'easing' in the pattern is worth remembering when you're starting out - depending on the fit that you want, ensure you read the actual measurements on the pattern rather than the sizes on the back!

The next task - which was pretty time consuming - was to prepare the facing for the neckline. I ironed on the interfacing...

...and then sewed the pieces together to get my rather amusing looking neckline!

Then I finished off my exposed edge with a zigzag stitch, and attached the facing to the bodice of the dress.  Although this required a bit of footering about ensuring the right sizes were facing and the curve and seams were in the right place, it really was a brilliant way to finish off the neckline.  To be honest, this was the thing I couldn't quite work out about the neckline - how would it get finished in that 'shop bought' sort of way.  Neckline facings are the answer...!

Once the actual facing was attached, it was time for some understitching. Another quick Google search was required for something I'd never done before, and this Sewaholic demo came to the rescue. The little stitches in the facing are so cute...I'm enjoying them, even though it'll only be me who sees them...!

The next thing I need to do is do the bias binding for the arms - this is another one where I've found a fantastic tutorial so that hopefully I'll really know what I'm doing - that's certainly the plan anyway!  One for the weekend I think...

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