Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Crafty presents!

Happy birthday to me...! It was a bit surreal to be hitting 26 yesterday - I'm really not feeling like I've passed the mid-point of my twenties, but it's happened...! You're only as old as you feel though - and I can assure you, I really don't feel old at all!

A birthday so close to Christmas is a bit strange - as well as difficult for present ideas. Now that I have a crafty hobby, my family and friends have (encouraged by me!) seized on it with delight for present inspiration.  Christmas was a handmade delight for me, with new books, magazines, wool and even craft classes.  Here's a few of the bits and pieces that I can't wait to get started with...

  • Sew Serendipity book - man, I am excited about this book!  There are some absolutely gorgeous skirts, tops and dresses - and even coats - and the book comes with the patterns.  Thanks to my lovely mum-in-law for getting this for me!

  • The Sewists Notebook - I found out about this fantastic notebook on Handmade Jane's Christmas gift ideas post and my sister Deborah was quick off the mark.  It's got places to write all about the different projects ongoing - as well as somewhere to put notes etc about what to improve for next time, something that I definitely need!
  • My lovely hubby was obviously listening carefully when I was discussing what I would like for Christmas, so I've now got a subscription to Inside Crochet magazine.  I was already on a 3 month subscription to Simply Crochet, which I've really been enjoying, but I'm also excited to try something different as well!
  • The lady skater sewing pattern from Kitschy Coo came from my mum - this is another dress pattern in knit fabric, and looks lovely.  Hopefully this will be one of my makes this year.

All this bodes well for 2014...I'm off to get started!

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