Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Year Resolutions

I appreciate that making new years resolutions already a week into the new year smacks of a lack of commitment! To be honest, life was pretty hectic around the turn of the year - I made my first family Christmas dinner on new years day, and family stuff basically consumed from then until I went back to work on Monday - so I've really not had any time to think about my sewing resolutions for the year ahead! I'm back to work and reality now - surprisingly giving me a bit of a breather - and so I've finally had a bit of a chance to think about what I'd like to do this year.

Back in September, I had a bit of a think about my sewing to-do list. Of those bits and pieces, I managed to achieve number 1 - the roman blind for the landing, number 3 - the cord skirt - which I love - and number 6 - Christmas presents! Which, lets be honest, gives me plenty of scope for a few resolutions for this year.  So, as well as picking up those bits, there are three things I really want to do this year!

Sewing room

We're fortunate enough to have two spare rooms in our little house - and although they're not the most spacious, as we have lots of visitors, it's so great to have them! However, obviously they're not always occupied, and in the interim they tend to become the official dumping ground / laundry room. I know it's a total waste of space to use them like that!

Then, when I sew, I end up with my machine on the kitchen table, pins everywhere, fabric on the worktop - it's just chaos!

So, my first resolution for this year is to make our little spare bedroom (the purple one!) into my sewing room.  We'll still keep the bed in there - and the two sets of bookshelves *ahem* - but I'm going to get the room cleared and make some space so I can do some proper sewing in there!


I've now got four dress patterns - not including the ones in the new book I got for Christmas - and absolutely zero dresses to show for it! I've made quite a few skirts, but I've not quite got the courage up to making a dress yet. As you probably know, I do just tend to launch into things with abandon, and that makes me nervous when thinking about lots of fabric and 'bits'! Hopefully a sewing room will be just what I need to get myself organised and ready for action. So, Resolution #2 is to make two dresses!

Craft classes

When doing some pre-Christmas blog reading, I noticed Tilly mentioning that Craftsy had a sale on their online classes. Friends have mentioned these classes to me before, so on a bit of an impulse I suggested to my mum and sisters that I could get some classes for Christmas. So I now have a class on linings, and one on making your own designer jeans! Exciting! Resolution #3 is to do the classes and actually put them into practice.

Okay, so I've tried not to go too overboard - three resolutions is enough for going into my second sewing year, I think! If I don't start mentioning these bits, feel free to give me a nudge and ask how I'm getting on...! Do you have any sewing resolutions for 2014?

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