Sunday, 8 June 2014

Chevron maxi skirt

Lots of people have been wearing chevron maxis recently - mainly in bold black and whites, that I just love! I really fancied making one - after all, maxi skirts aren't that difficult to do, and the ones I find in the shops are built for people with an extra 5 of 6 inches on me! Why buy it when you can make it yourself, is my new motto!

Katy at Sleek Silhouette has a great tutorial for a chevron maxi - exactly what I was looking for. All you need is your measurements, and you can self draft a really easy pattern. Katy recommends big stripes, which is like most of the ones I've seen, as the pattern is so much easier to match. However, I bought the brown striped fabric from the Goldhawk Road the other day at the bargain price of £1.50p/m, so I thought I'd give myself a challenge with some pattern matching on those tiny stripes.

This definitely took a lot longer than big stripes would have done - just because the matching took so long, and then I tacked after pinning, just to ensure I didn't lose the matching again. The sides were particularly difficult - who knows why! However, the actually sewing itself was so easy - plus I used my new jersey needle for my machine, and that was great as well - no dropped stitches, compared to the messy results when I've lazily used a normal needle before!

I used the waistband element of the Winthrop Chronicles maxi skirt tutorial, just because I like the extra support it gives, rather than the elasticated waist suggested in Katy's version.

Here it is...

I'm so pleased with the pattern matching - it was a bit of an ordeal, but definitely worth it!

£3 for the fabric, a spool of thread, and there you go - a new skirt for less than £5!

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