Sunday, 26 October 2014

Ripple Shawl from Inside Crochet

While I was ill over the summer, I did a lot of crocheting - it was something to keep me occupied while I was stationary a lot of the time!  The main project that kept me busy was the Ripple Shawl from Issue 53 of Inside Crochet.  This was a very time consuming project - the hook was small and the yarn was very narrow, but it crocheted up beautifully.

I loved the yarn the magazine suggested for this shawl, but when I went to buy it, Wool Warehouse was out of the 'poems' shade, so I purchased the 'lagoon' shade instead.  I thought that would probably work better with my winter wardrobe as well.

As you can see, the Ripple shawl gets it's name from the lovely ripple effect that the pattern produces.    It's such an unusual pattern, and actually once you have got used to the pattern, and ensured that you have counted correctly on the first couple of rows, it's not particularly difficult either.

The only other change that I made, apart from the shade of yarn (and this was out of laziness, rather than anything else) was when I came to start crocheting, I couldn't find my 3.5mm hook.  So I used a 3mm hook instead.  This did mean my shawl probably came up a bit tighter than it was meant to - it might have been better to use a 4mm hook, rather than the 3mm, but by the time I decided that I was a bit too far into the process, and decided just to keep going!

I absolutely love the stitch patterns, particularly every few rows where there are the treble stitches, which produce this lovely effect below when held up to the light...

I'm so pleased with this shawl - which I'm using more as a scarf, I suppose - and I foresee it getting plenty of use now the colder weather has finally arrived!

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