Monday, 8 September 2014

Fabric shopping in Belfast

I've never really done any fabric shopping in Belfast - I've only taken up sewing since I've lived in Bristol, so there's not really been the opportunity to check out the local fabric shops.  However, as we were home for two weeks this summer, I did get the chance to have a nosey in a few of the local shops.

I went to Paragon Fabrics in Donegall Pass to pick up some bias binding and thread - and I may have got a little bit tempted and bought some pink jersey while I was there too!  Apparently this shop has been there for years, but I honestly had never seen it before - unbelievable!  It was an absolute treasure trove - I'll definitely be back - and apparently there is also one on the Creagh Road in East Belfast too.

I went into the centre of Belfast for coffee with a friend a few days later, and while I was waiting for the bus home, I took the opportunity to nip into The Spinning Wheel.  This was a shop I did know was here, but again, had never been in - I always thought it was just a curtain shop, but it turns out they have loads of fabrics, as well as yarns, and lots of notions etc.  An exciting discovery - even though I had to dash off to catch my bus instead of being able to explore properly!

Hopefully I'll get another chance to go fabric shopping when I'm next home!

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