Monday, 1 September 2014

Vintage bunting

I have seriously neglected my blog over the summer...sorry to my faithful readers who have held out for me!  We've been away and I've had a few other things on my plate which meant I didn't do any blogging for a while.  However, although I've not blogged, I've not been completely idle!

While I was at home in N. Ireland I did get some crafting done, and I've got a couple of blog posts lined up to share the fun!

First up - a bit of sewing.  Although we took our car I wasn't quite organised enough to take my sewing machine across.  I'd promised to make bunting for my friend Maria's hen night, so I borrowed the sewing machine which my Gran and Auntie share.  It was quite complicated to thread - presumably because back in the day everyone knew how to thread sewing machines - but once it was all threaded up, it was great to use.  I do still love my own Brother one though...!

Some bunting in progress...

You might recognise the blue fabric - it's the fabric from the first circle skirt I made.  I bought the same fabric in green from Fabricland, and thought they made a cute contrast.  I love bunting, and this has inspired me to make more, more, more!

And here's the lovely hen with her bridesmaids!  Congratulations Maria!

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