Thursday, 4 July 2013

A new skill - learning to crochet

I've been thinking for a while that I'd like to learn another new skill, and my trip to London seemed like a perfect opportunity to do so!  I knew I'd have some evenings in the flat here, not doing too much, so it seemed like the ideal opportunity to learn how to crochet.

My mum has been crocheting for as long as I remember (and longer, no doubt!), and I remember her trying to teach me to knit when I was really small.  I was quite a reluctant pupil, so it was a skill that unfortunately didn't stick with me.  But Pinterest has helped inspire me - as it does constantly - so I decided it was time to learn.  I was in Hobbycraft a few weeks ago, so I picked up some wool and a crochet hook.  Once I started looking at a various patterns, I realised I would need hooks in various sizes, so in the end I ordered a nice set of 12 hooks on ebay.

As you all know, YouTube is so great for learning a new skill.  I did a bit of cruising around videos, and tutorials, learning various stitches - these really handy basic crochet lessons, this simple double crochet, and this lesson in doing a magic loop were particularly handy.

As well as that, when I got out my new crochet hook and wool, my flatmate Dami revealed that she actually does lots of knitting and crocheting.  My own on-site tutor!  When I got confused, she was right on hand to give me a bit of guidance.  I can now chain stitch, do a single crochet and also a double crochet with confidence.

Now that I sort of know what I'm doing, here are the two of us are sitting in the living room of our flat, like two wee grannies with our knitting!  Dami has just finished knitting this amazing baby blanket - as you can see, I've got plenty to learn before I'm at her level.

Dami and me - both of us hard at work!
All being well, I'll have some new crochet projects up soon, as well as my usual sewing bits!

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