Monday, 15 July 2013

Yellow summer maxi skirt

I was so excited to return to my sewing machine when I got back from London so on Saturday morning I was straight into my latest project!  One of the main things I wanted for my holiday wardrobe was a nice light maxi skirt.  The yellow knit fabric that I bought in The Cloth House was perfect for what I wanted - bright and summery, and light enough to take on holiday.  The amazing weather this weekend meant I was definitely in the holiday mood - check out this gorgeous sunset...!

Beautiful sunset
I used this fantastic tutorial from the Winthrop Chronicles blog.  It was incredibly simple and easy to follow - the pictures were really simple and well laid out.

A few challenges (mainly self inflicted!):

1. I had only bought a metre of fabric, so I had to make some adjustments.  My skirt wasn't as wide around the hem as the tutorial suggested, as I didn't have quite enough width in my material, and the waist is only 6 inches long rather than 12 or 14, but it still folds well.  

Waistband fabric
Ready to stitch to the skirt

2. The fabric - this was quite a challenging fabric to use actually.  You can see in the picture above that it tended to roll up at the edges.  I wouldn't necessarily have hemmed this skirt, because the fabric didn't fray at the edges, but it was rolling too much so it was actually much neater to hem it.

Fortunately I've got short legs, so despite having to fiddle with the measurements, length wise it works just right!  We went up across to Clevedon on Saturday night, so I got the chance to wear my new skirt right away.

Wearing my new skirt by the sea at Clevedon
One other exciting thing - I got myself some labels!  Now I have personalised labels to sew inside my projects.  This skirt got the first one!

I'll definitely be making more of these skirts - and next time I'll remember to get a bit more fabric!

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