Thursday, 15 August 2013

Fabric and yarn shopping in Orlando

These days, one of my first thoughts about a new place is whether there are any nearby fabric shops!  I've seen lots of mentions of JoAnn on various American blogs, and I did the obligatory Google search and found out there were a few stores near our villa in Orlando.  I even downloaded the app so that I could use the coupons!  We made it on the first weekend in Orlando - I was soooo excited.  It was so great that we made another trip the next weekend - and I bought even more!

I basically ran around like a kid in a sweet shop.  Check out my amazing fabric purchases...

3 cosy flannel fabrics
These are for pyjamas for my hubby, my brother and me.  They were 70% off - how could I possibly say no!? 

The striped fabric is cord - I know it's a bit 'out there'...but I love it.  I'm going to make a skirt from it - hopefully brighten up the dull winter days!  The floral fabric has come out a funny colour in the picture - it's actually a rich purple colour, so I've no idea why it looks pink in the photo.  I'm hoping it'll be able to use it to make my first ever dress, so watch this space!

I also bought three Simplicity patters - one dress and two skirts.  They were on a brilliant offer - reduced to $1.99 each.  I'm looking forward to getting started on them - I reckon this weekend when the hubby is away, I'll get some sewing done.

I got a couple of great yarns too - the ones below, and a couple more, but I don't want to bore you with a million pictures of balls of yarn!

Unfortunately work is absolutely bedlam, and we're getting a new bathroom fitted, so I've had to reign my enthusiasm to jump straight into the fun just a little, but plenty to come in the next few weeks!

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