Monday, 19 August 2013

Holiday crocheting

Our holiday this year involved a lot of travelling!  A day of driving and a ferry journey to Northern Ireland (and the same back!), 6 flights and lots of driving provided plenty of opportunities for snoozing, reading, eating...and most importantly, crocheting!

I had my lovely New Lanark Aran wool, so for our car journey from Bristol to Belfast I worked on this pattern for a snood.  The pattern was really easy to follow - there were a few little bits that I didn't get first time around, but practice makes perfect.  Unfortunately the wool wasn't really thick enough to achieve the width I was really hoping for - so it's quite narrow - but I can wrap it around a couple of times and the wool is really cosy.

I had some extra wool left, so on the plane I crocheted a matching beanie.  It was quite funny to be heading out to the 30oC weather and crocheting winter accessories!

I took another attempt out in Orlando - lesson learnt from the previous attempt, and I bought some Serenity chunky yarn.  Success...this was the snood I was hoping for...!  It's so cosy - definitely not ideal to be wearing in this weather, but it'll be perfect for nearer Christmas.

I wasn't the only one in the family that spent lots of travel time crafting...

My mum was very busy crocheting blankets - two blankets completed by the end of the holiday, plus another one which was half finished by the time we made it back to Northern Ireland!  They'll be off to the babies in Africa soon!

Esther doesn't crochet, but she's knitting - when we left for America she was finishing the front of her first ever jumper, and by the end of our trip, she'd finished the back of it.  I love the colour and the texture, it's so nice.  All she needs now is the arms!  Esther's knitting is punctuated with the occasional wail of "Muuuummm" when there's a potential dropped stitch!

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