Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Finished: New Look 6184

Good news - the dress is finished at last!  It has been slow progress at times - life sadly getting in the way of sewing - but I've made it!

The final bits that I needed to do were the zip insertion and the hemming.  The zip is a lapped zip, and I was very aware that this one needed to be good, as it runs the whole way down the back of the dress and so it would be glaringly obvious if something goes wrong!  I took the time to baste it in - and I'm glad I did, as I discovered that one side of the dress had somehow crept up and was slightly longer than the other, so I had to do some adjustment at the waist to get it to match again.  A good save, I think!

I think the lapping was a success - the stitching was nice and even, and the zip almost disappears into the back from a distance, which is what I was hoping for.

I also inserted a little hook and eye, to pull everything together at the neckline.

Finally, I needed to hem this skirt to just finish everything off.  As the skirt is very straight, this was pretty straight forward - much easier than hemming a more pronounced curve.  It's great to get the garment all finished off nicely!

I've not taken any photos of me in it yet.  We're away at the weekend, so I'll see if I can get the hubby persuaded to do a little photoshoot for me!

Notes for next time:

This is definitely a dress I'll make again.  The shape is really flattering, and I really like the neckline - it's effective and not at all revealing, without being old fashioned.

I do need to do some thinking about the back for my next attempt - although this dress fits perfectly at the front, there's a bit of gapping in the back of the bodice.  It fits the lovely Matilda perfectly on the back, but unfortunately I'm not quite as long and sleek as her!  The gap isn't too noticeable but it's something that I'm aware of, and it would be nice to get the fit perfect.

Thanks for joining me on my journey through making my first dress - hopefully the first of many!

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