Sunday, 16 March 2014

My sewing space

As some of you might remember, one of my new years resolutions was to create a sewing room in our smaller spare bedroom. It had been a bit of a dumping ground for bits and pieces, but the idea of a sewing room really gave me some motivation to do a clear out.

So without further ado, may I sewing room!

Pete and I went to Ikea one evening to find a desk. There was nothing there that jumped out at us that was the right size - we needed something that was big enough for sewing on and had some storage, but wouldn't absolutely overpower the room. After quite a lot of wandering - and a bit of debate / argument (!) we discovered that it was possible to effectively build your own. As it turned out, this was really the best solution for the space that we had, and so we got a table top, two legs, and then a little cupboard.  The cupboard has two shelves, and has space for me to put my sewing machine if I need to put it away for whatever reason!

I also happened to have this cute little stool - it was left with a dressing table in our bedroom when we bought the house, and although the dressing table has now gone to the tip, I had the idea that the stool might come in handy one day. It slots nicely under the table when it's not needed, giving us some extra space in the room, so it's perfect for the room!

I have my dress form - who I've decided to call Matilda - it seems to suit her! And the rather massive box with the green lid is full of fabric and wool. I might clear some more space on my shelves for fabric, as it's nice to be able to see it - but at the moment it's good to have this box for storage.

I also have my iron and ironing board close at hand - there's not really enough space in the room to have them up all the time, as we have a single bed in the room too for visitors. I usually just put it up in the landing when I need it.

It's not much, but I'm absolutely loving have some dedicated space for my sewing - it's very inspiring, so hopefully I'll have lots more projects to share with you soon!

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