Sunday, 23 March 2014

My first dress

In case you're wondering...yes, I was on the beach. In March. With a sleeveless dress on. And high heels.

I can assure you that I whipped the cardigan back on pretty quickly (and the furry boots), even before the pictures had finished - although the sun did show its face a few times, it wasn't the warmest day. It really was the perfect excuse to get the new dress on while we were away for the weekend! Apologies for the somewhat creased effect in the pictures - I wore the dress out first, so it had a few hours of wear before I got some photos taken. That did mean that it had proved it could go out and about without falling to pieces though, which is definitely a good thing!

This is a closer up view (with cardi!) - do you like the neckline?

Let's be honest, it's a bit of a warmer weather dress - a bit more sunshine would definitely have done it more justice - but I just couldn't wait to wear it!  Thanks for joining my first-dress journey!


  1. Really nice! I love it actually. Am I recognising the pattern from the one on the cover of sew magazine? If so, I want to get it before it sells out. What a great job you have done. It looks lovely on you, very nice fit.

  2. Thanks Sara! It's very similar to the one with Sew Magazine - it's 6144, whereas this one is 6184 - the only difference is the sleeves I think! Definitely a pattern worth getting! Rx