Sunday, 30 March 2014

'Spring picnic' gingham skirt

Another skirt completed, ready for the good weather to arrive! The orange gingham reminds me of a cheerful picnic blanket, hence the name for this completed project.

I finally took the opportunity to insert an invisible zip with my new invisible zipper foot that I got for Christmas - I know they did a lapped zip on the sewing bee, but as I'm not being assessed by May and Patrick I was pleased to be able to insert whatever type of zip I wanted!

I was also rather delighted to have an excuse to break out the orange wedge heels - as you can imagine, orange wedges don't match many outfits, so it's great to have something else to wear them with! Although I'm still not 100% sure about whether the style of the skirt really flatters me, I'm really pleased with the matching, and also with the length of this new skirt. It's nice to have something so bright and cheerful to wear now the spring is arriving.

All in all, the first project from the new Sewing Bee book has gone really well.  This was a simple but effective project, and I liked the guidance the book gave on pattern matching and inserting the pleats. On the strength of this, I can really recommend the book.


  1. Great skirt, a perfect match for those wedges. I'm loving the sewing bee too.

    1. Thanks Louise - always good to have something bright for the spring :)! I was gutted to see Lynda leave this week - looking forward to the final though!