Monday, 10 March 2014

Work in progress: New Look 6184 (4)

After a busy few weeks, it's been nice to get back to some sewing this evening. I've made good progress with my dress - let's be honest, it's always a lot quicker doing straight seams and a few darts - but it's nice to see it coming along quickly! I'm a bit impatient so it's sometimes good to have that instant gratification of having moved things along.

I was ready to pick up the skirt of the dress, and after cutting it out with the new rotary cutter (whoop!) I got my chalk marks made and got to the sewing. Four darts needed to be included in the front and back sections, as for the top part. This helps give the waist the fitting required.

As the skirt is quite narrow, it needs a 'vent' in the back - I've always called it a split, but the pattern says vent, so I'm not going to confuse myself! The pattern suggests actually basting the vent closed while you're working - to give it a crisper look when you have it finished. Although I'm not too conscientious on the basting, I did do it in this case - it wasn't any extra effort and it never hurts to actually do what the pattern tells you...!!

Here's the back of the skirt - with the vent and the back seam sewn.

I then sewed the front to the back, and that was it! As it's now coming together, it seemed like the ideal time to fit it to my lovely model (still unnamed - I dread to think what I'll be like when it comes to naming children...).  The skirt was reassuringly fitted, yet enough room to twist around in, so it looks like my gung-ho attitude hasn't resulted in any disasters yet!

At the moment, it's just a two piece...but hopefully next time I'll have progressed to sewing the top to the bottom and then adding the zip!

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