Sunday, 18 May 2014

Annie Sloan chalk paint: transforming a nest of tables

Today's blog post is a little bit of a departure for me, with some furniture restoration!  We've had this old nest of tables sitting on our landing - they're really handy to have, but they really don't match the colour scheme of the landing and are just generally a bit old and grotty.

I've heard so much about Annie Sloan chalk paint - lots of friends have used it for furniture restoration and for a while I've thought this might be a great opportunity to do some experimentation.

The only stockists of Annie Sloan paint in Bristol are Juliet Seldon Interiors, up in Clifton.  I went up there a few Saturdays ago, and after a little dithering, got paint in 'Louis Blue', which is quite a pale blue.  Then I laid everything out on the kitchen floor and got to work!

I'm told the paint chips quite easily, so I think I'm going to wax them at some stage.  However, in the meantime (while I wait for another free Saturday so I can do the waxing!), here they are, back in position...

I think it's fair to say that this is a pretty major transformation!  I absolutely love them - the blue is perfect, and adds a great bit of colour to the neutrals in our hallway.  Plus I've got three quarters of a tin of paint left...what will I paint next!?

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