Tuesday, 20 May 2014

New Look 6030: Sewing for someone else

As you might remember, I've slowly been working on my second make of New Look 6030. I made my own version, as a bit of a trial run, but the intention was always to make a version of this for my sister Esther.

In April I finally picked this skirt up again - my guilty conscience couldn't stand it anymore! At that stage, I decided that my aim would be to finish it by Esther's birthday - that's today, 20th of May. However, Easter holidays / my visit to London and general life got in the way. I was almost going to forget the whole idea and decide that maybe the summer would be a good time to finish it, when it turned out I had Saturday free. Spurred into action, I not only attached the back of the skirt, but cut out all the final pieces, hemmed it, completed the waistband including facing and belt loops, and inserted the zip...all on Saturday afternoon / evening! It was a bit of a sewing marathon!

Sewing for someone else is quite challenging - especially in this situation, when Esther wasn't actually around to try it on as I went! I had measured her up when she was over a few months ago, and had included marks for seam allowances etc on the skirt front and back pieces, but obviously that was a while ago, and so if something had changed in the interim, or my measurements were a little off, there wasn't much I could do about it.

Here's a few shots of the finished article, which arrived with the little sis today.  The good news is despite the worry re the fitting, it apparently fits perfectly.  Not only that, but it's exactly the length she wanted, so my attempt at lengthening the pattern was also a success! Esther has promised me a picture, but I've not received it yet, so we'll just have to do with Matilda modelling at the moment!

Front view
Back view
Side view
My belt loops almost match perfectly to the pockets!

I remembered to include my label...

Happy birthday little sis!

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