Sunday, 16 June 2013

Flowers and hearts - brooches for summer

Pinterest has given me lots of inspiration when it comes to sewing!  There seems to be pictures of just about anything you could ever want (and a lot of things you probably don't want!) on it.  I love just typing in something and seeing what appears.  One of the things I was wanting to make were fabric flowers, and I found a lovely picture on Pinterest which gave me the inspiration for the cute little flower below.

Pink fabric flower
This one went to Northern Ireland to my sister Deborah, but I'm hoping to make more - they'd be perfect for brooches and to put onto berets as well.

Another inspiration for brooches has been the amazing Cranberry Lime.  I've got a few of her brooches, and really loved them.  I decided to give a similar style of brooch a try, and used the lovely fabric which I used for my bunting to make a few heart brooches.  I thought these were great little accessories for the spring/summer - not too fussy, but just a sweet little extra to an outfit.

I went onto ebay, and found brooch backs for a bargain price - so now I've got 50!  Plenty more brooches to come, obviously!

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