Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sewing and a cuppa in Clifton

On Saturday, Liz and I went to Cordial & Grace in Clifton for a cuppa and some sewing.  It is such a lovely cafe - amazing brownies, which was a bit of a naughty breakfast, but sure, it was the weekend...!

Liz doing some pre-sewing prep in Cordial and Grace
We discovered this cafe way back in February when all the Belfast crowd were over - it was the only place which had enough room to fit us all in - although we did make them move all the sewing machines out of the way to accommodate us!  Since then, Pete and I have been back various times, and it seemed like the perfect place for a little sewing fix on a Saturday morning.

They rent out sewing machines by the hour - £5 for an hour, plus a free cuppa.  As well as that, there's various classes, workshops, and even a free knit-and-stitch each month.  We're tempted by a few of the workshops, so watch this space...!

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