Monday, 3 June 2013

Summer shopper bag

A lot of the blogs I've read on sewing recommend that once you've made something once, and got your head round the pattern, sizing etc, you should make it again.  And this time - better :)

In my first blog post I posted a picture of my shopper bag, which was the first project that I made from my Crafty Minx book.  I decided to have another go at it, now I had my head round those french seams and 'right side/wrong side' terminology!  It was my sister's birthday in May, so I thought she would like a new improved version of the bag - and she did!

Summer shopper bag
I had some fabric left over from my summer top, so I used it for the body of the bag.  Unfortunately, I didn't have quite enough length left for the straps, so I decided to do them in a block pink colour, which I really liked - a nice contrast to the 'busy' fabric.  I did french seams, to give it a bit more strength, and sewed on the straps with the cute little box design in the picture in the book.  The big pink button from my button jar finished it off perfectly.
Final threads and...
...finishing touches

As Esther was over in England this weekend, I managed to get this little shot of her posing with it in the sunshine.
Esther with her summer shopper bag

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  1. The bag is very sturdy - you can easily carry a bongo drum in it ;)
    From: Esther