Sunday, 23 June 2013

Striped pyjama trousers

Buying the perfect fabric for my pyjama trousers - and the fact that I'm now off to London for 3 weeks and therefore without my sewing machine *weep* meant I was really keen to make the pyjama trousers this weekend.  I assembled the pattern on Friday night and cut out my fabric - then actually sewed the trousers on Saturday.

Although it was a Simplicity pattern, assembling it from the printed sheets was far from simple - it was a bit of a mess unfortunately! I got there in the end though - with a few unscheduled folds in the paper! After that though, the instructions were really clear and easy to follow - it was an excellent project, and a great first way to start with trousers! 

Relaxing in my comfy pjyamas
A few new skills for me again with this project:

1. Reinforced buttonholes

Obviously I've made buttonholes before - my first ones were for the circle skirt - but the instructions of my pattern suggested reinforcing the buttonholes of these pyjamas, and I really liked this idea.  It helps to stop the buttonholes going out of shape.  Basically, you just iron on some interfacing on the area you want the hole, and then proceed as normal!

Reinforced buttonholes

2. Putting trousers together

Definitely a whole new challenge for me.  Although there was a bit of working out insides / outsides, the fact that the pattern had notches, which were different on the front and back seams, this meant that it was so easy to line up which seams should go together.  A pleasant surprise when it turns out to be easier than it looks, rather than more difficult!!

3. Drawstring waistband

Drawstring waistband
The waistband of these pyjamas are elasticated and also have a drawstring.  There was a little gap left in the sewing of the waistband, and I fed the elastic through - then sewed it up, and fed the drawstring through the buttonholes.  A  handy tip for feeding these things through is to attach a big safety pin to the end - it's much easier to ease the elastic or drawstring through, rather than trying to feel the end of a slim piece of material.

Feeding elastic through the waistband

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